When To Use A Self-Storage Unit

When it comes to self storage facilities, most people think that these businesses are designed for those who have too much stuff and need a place to put it. While a storage locker can provide additional storage space for your belongings, it can also serve as a much more valuable asset. Here are three situations where you should consider investing in a self storage unit to help make your life a little easier.

How To Choose The Best Clavos For Your Project

Mention the word clavos to many people, and all you'll get is a blank stare. Even though most people have seen clavos used in some capacity, they won't be immediately familiar with the term. But clavos is just a Spanish word that means "nail," and in English it is used in much the same way -- to describe a purposely decorative (but still very sturdy) nail or set of nails. If you thinking of incorporating clavos into your own project but aren't sure where to begin, take a look below at some tips for choosing the best.

How to Give Your Home a Nature-Inspired Decor Theme

If you're a person who finds long walks through parks soothing or finds serenity outdoors on the beach or in the woods, consider decorating your home with a nature-inspired flair. Bringing natural elements indoors may help reduce stress as well as give your home a cool, relaxed vibe. For those craving a new home decor look but are on a tight budget, you can make your own one-of-a-kind pieces using items, such as pine cones or leaves, that you find in your own yard.

Sustainable Fabrics And Clothing

Sustainable clothing refers toeco-friendly fabrics, such as fiber crops or recycled materials. Many fabric stores strive to sell eco-friendly and organic fabrics that are made from natural fibers, vegetable dyes, new hybrid fabric blends and are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. These fabric stores get their fabrics from manufacturers in countries that practice fair trade. Fair-trade manufacturers pay their workers a livable wage, use adult and not child workers, use processes that do not pollute the environment and obtain their raw materials from organic farmers.

Activated Charcoal For Your Beauty: Applications To Try

You may have noticed a beauty trend that is raising eyebrows both for its ingredients and its benefits: activated charcoal. Known for its rich and cleansing properties, this thick black substance is used in many body applications from wraps to toothpaste. Learn applications of this detoxifying and cleansing natural product to improve your health and aid in achieving your beauty goals. Acne products As activated charcoal dries it pulls oils, debris, and bacteria from the skin, leading to a reduction in pore size, stubborn black and white heads, and clearer, cleaner skin.