How to Give Your Home a Nature-Inspired Decor Theme

If you're a person who finds long walks through parks soothing or finds serenity outdoors on the beach or in the woods, consider decorating your home with a nature-inspired flair. Bringing natural elements indoors may help reduce stress as well as give your home a cool, relaxed vibe.

For those craving a new home decor look but are on a tight budget, you can make your own one-of-a-kind pieces using items, such as pine cones or leaves, that you find in your own yard. You can also find nature-inspired decor online, and they may even be less expensive than items you can find in stores. When shopping online, you can easily compare prices and narrow down the best deal.

Here are some creative ideas for infusing any room in your home with an natural, artsy appeal:

1. Lamps 

One of the easiest ways to update any room is with lamps, whether they're the standing or tabletop variety. As one idea, buy a lamp with clear, glass, fillable base that you can design yourself. Fill it with interesting stones and pebbles, seashells from your family vacation, or even mini pine cones.

If you're using stones or pebbles, nestle stems of colorful faux flowers, such as lavender or lilacs, into them to create a terrarium look. You can also fill the lamp with sand and place shells, starfish or sand dollars on it as a beach-scape.

The options are endless, and you can even change the look up according to different seasons. If you prefer standing lamps, look for ones featuring bases constructed of natural elements, such as wrought iron, carved wood, or bamboo. You can even find lamp bases that resemble realistic-looking tree limbs.

2. Textiles 

Another simple way to bring a touch of the outdoors in is with textiles. For instance, look for small area or large rooms rugs made of natural fibers, such as wool, sisal or woven jute. Place them at entrance ways or under a coffee table or bed as an eye-catching room centerpiece.

If you have neutral-hued couches and chairs, add a pop of color and interest with throw pillows featuring bird, flower, tree, seashell or other nature-inspired designs. You can also place them on your bed for extra comfort. 

3. Wood and Stone Decor Pieces 

Whenever you can, incorporate all-natural wood and stone pieces into your decor scheme. Place wood or amethyst stone coasters on your coffee table, use marble bookends on your book case, and look for furniture items, such as nightstands or end tables, made of recycled or reclaimed barn wood as an eco-friendly touch.

4. Plants 

Add serenity to your home with plants, which you can use as table centerpieces, place on wall shelves or fireplace mantels, or even hang from the ceiling in small glass terrariums.