3 Features To Incorporate Into Your Custom Shower

When it comes to adding to the value of your home, remodeling the bathroom can be a great place to start. The addition of a luxury bath can help make your home more attractive to buyers if you decide to sell your home, and a custom shower can increase your comfort level as long as you reside in the home. Here are three features that you need to consider incorporating into your custom shower.

Tips For Choosing Your Stone Kitchen Countertops

Stone countertops, such as granite or marble, are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. However, when looking into your stone countertops, you have so many options. In addition to granite and marble, you can choose from soapstone, limestone and quartz. Within granite alone, your choices range from color to pattern to edging. Choose stone countertops that best complement both your kitchen and your lifestyle. Contemplate Usage For the most part, stone kitchen countertops provide a surface appropriate for most kitchen tasks.

3 Treatment Ideas For Oddly Shaped Windows

There's something charming about windows that have odd shapes, or that are unusually large or small. They give a house a special kind of unique personality. However, finding a way to cover the windows when you need to can be challenging. No matter how attractive a window may be, you'll want to be able to block out the sun and heat at times for the sake of your energy bills, and of course, you also want to maintain your privacy.

Three Rug Care Tips

The rugs that are found throughout your home can be essential for creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. However, high-quality rugs can be rather large investments, which makes it critical for you to take proper care for these household accessories. If you have rarely given much thought to the rugs around your home, you may benefit from following these three care tips. Rotate The Rugs That Are Exposed To Sunlight

Cooking On A Budget -- 5 Tips For Building An Outdoor Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

Thinking of adding an outdoor kitchen to your patio area? It's a great way to enjoy your home more, add usable square footage to the living areas and upgrade your backyard at the same time. Building a great outdoor kitchen, though, doesn't require spending a ton of money. What it calls for is a good design and simple comfort. Here are 5 tips for any homeowner. Build a Proper Foundation. You don't need to build a fancy or expensive tile floor for your kitchen, but you do need a solid base.