Tips For Choosing Your Stone Kitchen Countertops

Stone countertops, such as granite or marble, are a beautiful addition to any kitchen. However, when looking into your stone countertops, you have so many options. In addition to granite and marble, you can choose from soapstone, limestone and quartz. Within granite alone, your choices range from color to pattern to edging. Choose stone countertops that best complement both your kitchen and your lifestyle.

Contemplate Usage

For the most part, stone kitchen countertops provide a surface appropriate for most kitchen tasks. However, some are better for specific tasks. For instance, marble's cool surface provides ideal conditions for baking, especially kneading dough. If you'd like to cut directly on the countertop surface, you may consider quartz or a butcher block insert for your stone countertops.

Look for Durability

The next big consideration is durability. Naturally, all stone countertops tend to be durable. However, soapstone and limestone aren't quite as hard as granite or quartz. Likewise, marble needs extra care, though it does develop a charming, time-worn patina with use. Granite is a standard for low-maintenance and high durability. However, as Home and Garden TV points out, quartz is especially scratch- and heat-resistant.

Match your Backsplash

Your countertops and backsplash should work together for an attractive kitchen profile. At minimum, you'll want a color repeated in both. For example, match the veining in your granite with tile work in your backsplash. What's more, you'll want to consider patterning. The visual interest of speckled granite is better complemented with a more neutral backsplash rather than a mosaic. Finally, consider using the countertop material in your backsplash. Contractors can cut pieces of granite or marble that you have extended onto the wall.

Choose for Style

Stones such as granite and quartz come in so many color and pattern combinations that your style choices are nearly unlimited. However, other stones present a specific profile. Marble is a luxurious material that's prime for classic and Mediterranean kitchens. Soapstone can present either a homey profile fit for a country kitchen or a modern backdrop for contemporary style.

Consider Edging

The edging of your stone countertop also affects the overall look of the kitchen. As eased edge is the simplest and works well with any style. If you have an historical or traditional kitchen, you may consider one of the more elaborate edges, such as bullnose or ogee. For a kitchen that's so modern it borders on industrial, look into an aggregate edge.

Your stone countertops should fit seamlessly into your kitchen décor. For more information, check out a company like GranBrazil Inc.