3 Features To Incorporate Into Your Custom Shower

When it comes to adding to the value of your home, remodeling the bathroom can be a great place to start. The addition of a luxury bath can help make your home more attractive to buyers if you decide to sell your home, and a custom shower can increase your comfort level as long as you reside in the home.

Here are three features that you need to consider incorporating into your custom shower.

1. Frameless glass shower doors.

If you want your bathroom to look more elegant and modern, the addition of frameless glass shower doors can be beneficial. In addition to creating an unobstructed view, frameless glass doors can provide the toughness and durability you are looking for from a shower surround.

Investing in frameless glass shower doors helps your bathroom feel larger and allows you to display any custom tile work that you might have installed on your shower's interior.

2. Multiple shower heads.

Instead of limiting your new bathroom to a single shower head, you can recreate a spa-like experience by opting to have multiple shower heads installed in your custom shower. A handheld shower head give you the opportunity to direct water in whichever direction you choose, while a sliding bar shower head has the ability to accommodate people of different heights comfortably.

You can even choose to install a system of shower heads that are designed to massage and clean your entire body at once. Having a few different types of shower heads installed in your custom bathroom can make this space more usable in the future.

3. Custom tile designs.

If you really want your bathroom to serve a showstopper in your home, then you need to treat the space as a canvas. The addition of custom tile designs inside your shower enclosure will help you add both functionality and aesthetic beauty to the space.

Consider tiling all the way to the ceiling inside your custom shower surround to create a dramatic look, and opt for decorative mirrored or opalescent tiles that can be arranged in a design that will attract the eye.

Finding ways to make your home's bathrooms more luxurious doesn't have to be difficult. By focusing your attention on creating a customized shower space through the addition of frameless glass doors, multiple shower heads, and custom tile designs, you will be able to create a comfortable and beautiful bathroom for your home in the future. For more tips on how to create the perfect custom shower, contact a company like Monroe Industries Inc.