Activated Charcoal For Your Beauty: Applications To Try

You may have noticed a beauty trend that is raising eyebrows both for its ingredients and its benefits: activated charcoal. Known for its rich and cleansing properties, this thick black substance is used in many body applications from wraps to toothpaste. Learn applications of this detoxifying and cleansing natural product to improve your health and aid in achieving your beauty goals.

Acne products

As activated charcoal dries it pulls oils, debris, and bacteria from the skin, leading to a reduction in pore size, stubborn black and white heads, and clearer, cleaner skin. You can find charcoal based clay masks, cleansing creams, and even peel-off masks that, when applied, can improve your skin greatly. Use a few times a week to achieve the results you are seeking without drying out your skin.

Oral care

Don't be daunted by the very black hue of activated charcoal in toothpaste. The rich substance pulls discoloration from tobacco, coffee, and wine from your teeth, whitening them naturally without harmful peroxides or other chemicals that can damage your tooth enamel or irritate sensitive teeth. As you brush your teeth they appear to get dark and black, but once you rinse your mouth the results are brighter, whiter, healthier teeth.

Scalp products

Activated charcoal is full of antibacterial and detoxifying ingredients, making it a great choice to use if you suffer from an itchy, oily, or even irritated scalp. You can apply a charcoal cream directly to your scalp for a few minutes to remove bacteria and excess oils that can cause your head to itch, have a foul odor, or even have dry, flaky skin. Once you rinse the product you can follow up with your regular shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair shiny and healthy while keeping your scalp free of debris.

Irritated skin

Whether your skin is irritated due to dryness or you have a bug bite or rash that it itchy and sore, activated charcoal applied to the skin can work wonders. The soothing properties of this natural product relieves swelling, itching, and infection without the use of chemicals that can burn or make your condition worse. You can use activated charcoal creams a few times a week to keep your skin healthy when you experience dry skin so your regular lotions can penetrate your skin's layers and keep your condition from worsening.

Activated charcoal is a great natural ingredient to add to your regular beauty routine. You can find products in a natural health food store or in the skin care section at your local shopping center. Make sure the products you use list charcoal as an active ingredient for the best results.