What You Need to Know About Roofing Options if You Live in a Hail-Prone Area

If you live in an area that has hailstorms yearly, you have likely gotten accustomed to protecting your vehicle and other possessions. You may have overlooked the potential damages hail can cause to your roof especially if you have never had any roofing damages. The following points are a few things to be mindful of to ensure that you do not experience roofing damages from hail. Roofing material matters. As some roofing materials get older, they cannot withstand the force of hailstones pounding on top of them, which is why they get damaged.

How Too Much Iron In Your Water Affects Your Landscaping

Iron is a natural mineral which is ever-present in water. Most of the time, you will not see or feel any effects of iron in your water unless there's a problem. Depending on your source, your city's pipes, and your own home's pipe, you may have higher-than-average amounts in your system. This may have a direct effect on your indoor plants as well as your outdoor landscaping. Here some ways in which too much iron can affect your plants and landscaping and what you can do about it.

Dining On A Dime -- 4 Steps To Creating An Inexpensive, But Fabulous, Outdoor Room

If you want an outdoor dining room, you might worry that you will have to spend a fortune to get something everyone can enjoy in comfort and style. But, you can do it even on a shoestring budget. Here are 4 simple steps to getting your perfect dining space for less. Build a Solid Base. Start your outdoor room on a firm footing by focusing on the floor materials first. If you don't already have a space with well-placed and solid flooring, you can create one inexpensively with flagstones placed in a sand or gravel base.

Turn Part Of Your Yard Into A Makeshift Drive-In

If you and your spouse are movie buffs, consider turning a part of your yard into a makeshift drive-in theater by completing the steps below. Not only will the homemade theater provide you and your spouse with unlimited entertainment, but it can also be utilized during outdoor gatherings that your friends and extended family members attend. Materials measuring tape ground marking spray paint rake wheelbarrow shovel garden tiller paving blocks gravel lawn chairs portable speakers home theater system (screen, stand, projector, etc) table Measure, Mark, And Clear A Section Of Your Property

How To Transform Your Traditional Garden Into An Industrial Garden

Industrial gardens were popular for a while, and then they fizzled out. However, their popularity is being rekindled by a mix of nostalgia and fascination from older generations and younger generations respectively. If you want to transform your traditional flower garden into a more industrial garden, the following tips should help. Less Green, More Grey In a sort of reverse of the grassy-area-in-the-city landscaping design plan, the industrialist garden has much more grey, copper, steel, and other metal colors in it.