Turn Part Of Your Yard Into A Makeshift Drive-In

If you and your spouse are movie buffs, consider turning a part of your yard into a makeshift drive-in theater by completing the steps below. Not only will the homemade theater provide you and your spouse with unlimited entertainment, but it can also be utilized during outdoor gatherings that your friends and extended family members attend.


  • measuring tape
  • ground marking spray paint
  • rake
  • wheelbarrow
  • shovel
  • garden tiller
  • paving blocks
  • gravel
  • lawn chairs
  • portable speakers
  • home theater system (screen, stand, projector, etc)
  • table

Measure, Mark, And Clear A Section Of Your Property

Use a measuring tape and ground marking paint to mark a section of your property that you would like to use as a homemade drive-in. Consider how many vehicles and chairs you would like to fit inside of the space before marking the ground. Use a rake to collect twigs, leaves, small rocks, and any other debris that is inside of the marked section. Place shovelfuls of the yard materials inside of a wheelbarrow before pushing the debris to another part of your property.

If you would like the drive-in to have a gravel surface, move a garden tiller across the marked portion of the property in straight lines in order to loosen sod. Use a shovel to remove the sod from the marked section. 

Add A Border And A Layer Of Gravel, Set Up Equipment

Use paving blocks to create a border to mark the sides and back of the drive-in. Press the paving blocks firmly into the ground. Add a thin layer of gravel to the cleared section of the ground. Use a rake to spread the gravel pieces out until they are evenly distributed. Erect a movie screen in the back end of the drive-in. Press the base of the screen's stand firmly into the ground so that it does not topple over while movies are being played.

Set the projector on a table that is several feet away from the movie screen. Aim the projector towards the center of the screen. Place several chairs in front of the screen to use during times that you or your spouse do not wish to sit in a vehicle while viewing a movie. Hook up portable speakers near the chairs.

When you are ready to watch a movie, prepare some popcorn or another type of snack and some beverages before going outdoors. Relax and have a good time while watching some of your favorite movies from the past or new releases that you have been anxious to see.

For tips, contact a company that specializes in home theater systems.