Why Motorized Retractable Awnings Are Ideal For Retirement Communities

Keeping elderly and potentially vulnerable residents safe is the number one priority of any well-run retirement community, and this includes protection from the elements. As people get older, their skin becomes more vulnerable to damage caused by intense UV sunlight, so any outdoor areas in a retirement complex must provide adequate shade and shelter from the sun.

Motorized retractable awnings can help to create safe, shaded spaces where residents can enjoy the great outdoors without putting their health at risk. Here are four reasons why motorized retractable awnings can be a fine addition to any retirement community:

Effective UV Protection

High-quality motorized retractable awnings are made from materials that block out the vast majority of ultraviolet light. Many are impregnated with specialized chemicals and treatments that neutralize harmful rays and provide even more protection. These materials provide far more effective protection than shade sails or parasols made from basic textiles and will allow your residents to enjoy the outdoors during the sunniest summer days.

Easy To Use

Retractable awnings with built-in motors are far easier to use than manual, hand-cranked retractable awnings. Both staff members and residents can control these awnings with the touch of a button.

Depending on the model of motorized retractable awning you choose, it may be controlled by a wall-mounted control panel or a portable remote control. Both control methods are easy to use, but remote controls can be especially convenient, allowing staff members and residents to control awnings from any nearby area.

Safe To Use

Motorized retractable awnings are also safer to use than manual, hand-cranked awnings, which can cause injuries and muscle strains in elderly users. Remote-controlled awnings are particularly safe to use and allow residents to remain safely seated while controlling an awning.

Some newer models are also fitted with automatic weather sensors, which will automatically retract the awning if they sense high winds. If a sudden windstorm hits your retirement community, these sophisticated awnings will retract before they can be loosened by high winds, keeping residents and staff members safe.

Long-Term Durability

Awnings sourced from a reputable supplier and/or installer are built to last. The housings and cassettes that protect the awnings are made from tough, weather-resistant aluminum or PVC, and can withstand years of exposure to the elements.

In many cases, retractable awnings are more durable and long-lasting than fixed awnings, because they are protected from high winds and heavy rains while they are retracted. They are also less vulnerable to fading than fixed fabric awnings because they will not be exposed to the bleaching effects of sunlight while they are retracted.