3 Signs You Need To Call A Lawn Treatment Contractor

Lawn treatment refers to various measures that help nurture and protect the health of your lawn. However, most property owners do not know how to determine whether their lawns are due for some TLC. Furthermore, few property owners know how to conduct property lawn treatments. Thus, property owners should hire lawn treatment contractors to handle lawn treatments. 

So, what are some signs that tell you it's time to schedule a lawn treatment? 

Here are three signs that you need to call a lawn treatment contractor. 

1. Malnourished Grass 

Your lawn grass derives the nutrients it requires from the soil. But sometimes, the soil lacks enough quantities of the essential nutrients. As a result, your lawn becomes malnourished. 

For instance, if the grass doesn't get enough nitrogen from the soil, the blades start to change from green to yellow. If the lawn lacks phosphorus, the grass blades turn bluish-green or have a purplish or reddish accent on their edges. All the above are but a few signs of a malnourished lawn. 

Thus, you need to call a lawn treatment contractor to determine which fertilizers you need to add to the soil to make up for its nutrient deficiency. Furthermore, a lawn treatment contractor will determine how much fertilizer to use to avoid over-saturate the soil.

2. Eruption of Weeds

Besides making your lawn look unkempt, weeds can also kill your grass and take over your lawn. One of the ways weeds damage your lawn is by starving your grass. Weeds can starve your grass by taking up all the essential nutrients from the soil. Thus, leaving your grass hungry for essential nutrients. 

Furthermore, when weeds deprive your lawn of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, the lawn's immune system weakens. As a result, the grass becomes more susceptible to diseases and pests. 

But different weeds require different remedies to get rid of them. As a result, when you notice weeds springing up on your lawn, don't hesitate to call a lawn treatment contractor. Lawn treatment contractors can identify the weeds starving your grass and apply the proper remedies to eliminate them before they multiply and overrun your lawn. 

3. Patching or Thinning of the Lawn

Patching and thinning occur when your lawn gets infected with a disease or fungus. As a result, the infection gradually kills the grass, causing the lawn to thin or develop patches. 

The longer you let the infection go untreated, the more your lawn dies. Thus, when you notice your lawn patching or thinning, call a lawn treatment contractor to assess the issue. The first order of business for the contractor is to establish which fungus or disease has infected the grass and where it originated. Afterward, the lawn treatment contractor can apply the necessary treatment to stop the spread of the infection and get rid of it completely.