The Benefits That Shower Glass Doors Have Over Curtains

Many standard bathrooms are designed with a basic shower curtain. Upgrading from a curtain to a glass shower door, however, comes with multiple benefits. 

Easier to Clean

A shower glass door is much easier to clean than a standard shower curtain, regardless of whether the curtain is plastic or fabric. 

You should squeegee a shower glass door after each shower, and periodically wash it as you would a window. That's all you have to do—taking care of a shower door requires just a few moments each day.

A plastic curtain is the most difficult of these three options to keep clean. These curtains are virtually impossible to squeegee, as they don't have a flat and stable surface. Water will remain within the folds, where it can eventually form mineral deposits (if you have hard water) and/or mildew.

Because a plastic shower curtain can't be squeegeed, you'll have to clean it more often than you would a glass shower door. Additionally, cleaning the curtain takes longer. Even though you only spray and wipe it, you'll need more time to get between the folds and scrub off the mineral deposits and mildew.

A fabric shower curtain likewise can't be squeegeed each day, and it too will gather mineral deposits and mildew over time. You can clean a fabric curtain by putting it in the washer, but that requires taking the curtain down, carrying it (often when still damp) to the washer, waiting while the load washes, and going to put the curtain back up. Wiping down a glass pain is much faster.

Prevent Breezy Drafts

When you shower, the air temperature where the water falls becomes hotter than the rest of the bathroom. This creates a draft, as the denser cool air moves toward the less-dense warm air.

Shower curtains are prone to allowing the draft into your showering area, as they're fabric/plastic and will be blown by a breeze. How much of a draft they allow in depends on the quality—higher-quality curtains use weights and heavy fabric to prevent bad drafts. Cheap curtains are especially prone to drafts, though, and even quality ones aren't immune from the problem.

Because a shower door is solid and doesn't sway, it will effectively keep drafts from cooling you off during the shower. A door that goes all the way up to your bathroom ceiling can eliminate drafts altogether. Even the best curtains have a gap at the top that allows cooler air to flow through.

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