Considerations To Make When Buying A Wood Burning Stove

If you have a cabin then you know that when you're up somewhere high, that nighttime can get cold and it can be expensive to heat. One of the best ways to not only create a nice ambiance at your cabin (but to also heat it) is to have a wood-burning stove. Before you go out and buy just any wood-burning stove and have it installed there are a few considerations for you to make. 

Freestanding Vs Insert

One of the biggest decisions you will have to make with a wood-burning stove is where or not you want it to be free-standing or if you want it to have an insert. Free-standing stoves or those that stick out of the wall and make a big statement in a room. When they are freestanding, they may help to add more heat to your room because more sides of it are exposed. The only drawback that some homeowners see with a freestanding stove is that it makes a big statement in a room. 

If you want something that blends in a bit more seamlessly in your cabin then you may want to choose an insert instead. A wood-burning stove insert basically looks just like a traditional fireplace in that you can have a mantle and it's wrapped, but it functions the same as a traditional wood-burning stove.

Wood burning Vs Pellets

While wood-burning stoves may say that they are all wood-burning, it can be a little bit misleading. When you are choosing a wood-burning stove you actually get to choose between burning traditional wood or pellets. 

Wood: If you have images of going out into the woods with your kids and chopping down wood to burn, then an actual wood-burning stove is the way to go. Wood burning stoves are lined with a brick or metal material that helps to keep all of the soot inside so that your place doesn't get too smokey while burning wood, but they will still give off all of that heat that you want. 

Pellets: The best thing about pellets is that they burn at a much slower rate than wood and so they tend to last a little longer. Plus, you can buy them at a store and don't have to worry about braving the woods to chop down a tree. 

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