4 Features That Define Ergonomic Office Chairs

If you have searched for office chairs, ergonomics is a term that you have likely seen before. However, if someone asked you to explain in detail what it was all about, you might not have the answers. Ergonomic office chairs are intended to improve comfort, productivity, and efficiency. Learn about some of the specific features of ergonomic office chairs to discover why they are so good at accomplishing these goals.

1. Head Support

The head should never be overlooked when it comes to support. For chairs with a high back, those with an ergonomic design are those chairs that allow the head to rest in its natural position rather than forcing the head forward or backward. Too much of a sway in either direction can cause neck strain, which could lead to headaches and ultimately distract you from focusing on your work.

2. Lumbar Support

Another indication of a good ergonomic chair is one that has lumbar support, which focuses on the lower end of the back. Similar to head support, this part of the back should not be forced to rest too far back or too far forward. Either direction will cause back strain. An ergonomic chair should allow the user to adjust the lumbar support to follow the natural arch of their back when they rest in the chair to ensure they can sit upright without straining. 

3. Seat Depth Adjustment

Look for chairs that allow you to adjust the seat depth. Seat depth refers to the amount of distance there is between the front edge of the seat of the chair and the rear side of your knees. It is important to get this distance just right. If the chair is too forward-facing, it will drive into the back of the leg and cause discomfort. If it is too far back, it can cause the back to overextend, which can also cause discomfort. 

4. Height Modification

An ergonomic office chair should come with a height modification feature. The height at which a person sits should be based on their overall height, as well as the length of their arms. Since these measurements differ for each person, a chair with a preset height will leave some people straining their back to reach the desk and cause others to slouch since they will be too close.

Use this information to find chairs for your staff that truly are ergonomic so that you can improve their efforts in the workplace.

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