Include Quartz Countertops As You Design Your Kitchen

Consider selecting quartz for the material of your kitchen countertops. Besides the fact that it is beautiful, it is also affordable and easy to maintain. With the proper care, your quartz countertops will last a very long time. 

The quartz will be sold as a full slab. Take your kitchen plans with you when you are going to select the quartz so that the agent can determine how much you'll need. For instance, while the slabs are large, you might need more than one if you are including a very large island in your kitchen design. You'll want to keep small leftover pieces to use in other ways. For example, an odd-shaped piece of polished quartz with the addition of pretty handles will make a very nice cheese and cracker tray.

Consider the style you want. There will be plenty from which you can make your selections.

  • For a very dramatic look in your kitchen, choose solid black. 
  • If you want a light look, plain white quartz countertops would be a good selection.
  • For something very unique, choose a design that includes dark charcoal grey, light grey, and light and dark amber for the colors of the quartz.
  • Light brown mixed with off-white in an ocean wave design would also be a unique choice, and you can get the same ocean wave look by selecting a combination of grey and white. 

Select cabinetry that will compliment your countertops. For instance, if you went with black for the color of your countertop, light grey cabinets with pewter knobs would be very nice. If you want an all-white kitchen, choose white for your cabinets, but add interest by selecting porcelain knobs in a contrasting color.

Whether you select the light brown combination or the grey combination, a very pale shade of turquoise for the cabinets would work well. Brass knobs would be good if you choose the light brown and off white quartz. Pewter or chrome knobs would be good for grey and white countertops. 

Your quartz countertops will be very easy to care for. Clean them with mild dish soap and water, using a soft rag. A degreasing product will be good when they need extra cleaning. While quartz is a strong material, use a cutting board instead of using a knife right on the countertop to prevent scratching. In addition, use hot pads or trivets for anything that is very hot. If you don't, spots will form where the hot item was placed.

To learn more about your options, contact a countertop supplier, like Old World Stone.