Tips To Extend The Life Of Your New Window Blinds

Once you've had new window blinds installed, you're sure to be delighted with how they look. They probably display a subtle sheen that just makes your whole room look fresh. Surely, you'll want to maintain that look of newness for as long as possible. The key to prolonging the life of your new window blinds is proper care. Below are some tips to keep them looking their best.

Read all Instructions

When you invest in a product such as new window blinds, make sure you read all the instructions that come with them. You may have ordered them some time ago, so you might not remember all of the materials involved in construction. They can be vinyl, fabric-covered, aluminum, or wood. You can also ask your dealer for advice.

Dust the Blinds every Week

When dust coats the blinds, it can create a buildup. Over time, the sun can warm up the blinds and bake the dust onto the surface. Wood and fabric-covered blinds are especially susceptible to this damage. Make sure you dust them at least once a week. If they're in a high-traffic area, they may get dirty sooner. You'll need to dust those blinds more frequently.

Use a Soft Duster to Wipe the Blinds Down

Certain blinds are more delicate than others. These blinds include those with smaller louvers, such as miniblinds, or those with a specific construction, such as vertical blinds. Wood, too, needs a little special care. For these blinds, you want to avoid using an abrasive cloth to wipe them down. Better Homes and Gardens recommends you use instead a soft cloth such as a lamb's wool duster.

Repair or Replace Broken Louvers

Most blinds are pretty sturdy. However, they're not invincible. Pets can sometimes chew on them. Indeed, you might even have seen the funny meme about the cat stuck in the blinds —it's possible. Even children can damage some louvers. As soon as you detect damage, replace the affected louvers. If the blinds are wooden, you might be able to repair the louver with a wood adhesive.

Keep the Cords Untangled

One of the biggest detriments to blinds is if their cords stop functioning properly. You'll see blinds that raise unevenly so they hang lopsided. Sometimes the cords even stop working because of the tangles. During your weekly cleanings, look for any tangled cords. Take the time to tease out the knots. Make sure everyone in the household knows not to yank the cords when using them.

Follow the above tips to keep your newly installed window blinds in their best shape. For more information, look up blind installation in your area.