Cabinet Elements For A Farmhouse Kitchen

The farmhouse style is cozy. For that reason, many homeowners choose the style as inspiration for their kitchen, which is the heart of the home. As Country Living points out, the basis of the design style is simplicity with a touch of the rustic. However, the style is fluid enough that you can add your own touches to make the kitchen personal to you and your family.

If you want to create a farmhouse appeal in your kitchen, start with the cabinets.

White Palette

You have different colors to choose from for the palette, with sunny yellow and country blue being especially popular. However, the farmhouse kitchen should feel open and inviting. The color that will best create that feeling of openness is white, especially if your kitchen isn't expansive.

So, consider using white as the foundation of your color palette, in this case for the cabinets themselves. You can choose other colors, such as the aforementioned yellow and blue, for tiles, trim, and kitchen décor items.

Shaker-Style Doors

As noted, farmhouse is meant to be a simple style. The goal is to create a sense of the modest homestead. The doors are the most visible portion of the cabinetry, so choose a style that will best create that homey appeal.

Shaker style doors feature a simple frame with a slightly inset panel. They're not a plain slab, which tends to look modern. Nor are they greatly detailed, which would look too fancy for a farmhouse. Shaker doors feature clean lines, which is ideal for the farmhouse kitchen.

Glass Inserts

The cabinetry is a large installation in your kitchen, and the doors take up a lot of visual space. So, if you leave them closed off, that airy ambience might be difficult to achieve. Going along with the idea of creating an open and airy space, consider opening up some of the cabinets.

To that end, look into replacing some of the wooden panels in your Shaker doors with glass. You can choose simple glass or opt for an old-world style such as leaded glass. Both will work well in the farmhouse style.

Rustic Hardware

The final element of your kitchen cabinetry will be the hardware. You have quite a few options in this category, so you can express your creativity. However, the hardware should be rustic to reflect the core style of farmhouse kitchens.

Do-it-yourselfers sometimes scour flea markets and salvage yards to reclaim hardware for their cabinets. You can replicate that look with simple pulls. Consider also exposed strap hinges, which will add a touch of flair to your cabinetry.

Talk to your local kitchen cabinet manufacturers about ordering cabinets with the above elements.