Keep That Pesky Woodpecker Away From Your Log Home Without Harming the Bird

If you own a log home, then you've probably experienced the sound of a woodpecker tapping away at your house. This needs to be stopped. The woodpecker can really tear up the logs and create large holes that are costly to repair. So, these birds need to be discouraged from hanging around your home. There are a a few different things you can do to deter the woodpecker from returning to your home. All of the suggestions below are non-lethal, so you won't have to worry about killing the bird, which makes these solutions perfect for bird lovers.

Reflective Aluminum Wind Chimes

The wind chimes will serve two purposes. The first is that the constant noise is bothersome to the bird. They don't like the sounds that the wind chimes create. Secondly, if you choose a reflective aluminum wind chime, the sunlight will bounce off the chimes and bother the birds. So, when choosing a wind chime, look for the ones that have tiny little reflective discs. These are ideal because they will catch the sun and blind an approaching bird, which will cause it to fly elsewhere. You will see people sometimes hang reflective discs (old cd's or even aluminum pie plates) for the purpose of creating a distracting flashy light, but an aluminum wind chime will look much better.

Owl or Predator Bird Decoy

Another great way to keep the birds from your house is to set up a decoy bird of prey. You can get these from gardening catalogs. Gardeners will often use them to keep mice and rabbits out of their gardens, but the same premise applies when dealing with woodpeckers. The large plastic decoy of a hawk or owl is placed next to your house and the woodpecker will know to stay clear of the area. They don't want to be eaten, so they will choose another location. There are decoys that have solar powered heads that turn left and right, mimicking the moment of a real life bird of prey.

Sonic Noise Disturbance Device

Another method to investigate is an outdoor device that broadcasts a high pitched noise that will be bothersome ot the birds. These devices broadcast a sound that is too high (decibel wise) for humans to hear, so you don't have to worry about hearing it. You will find these sold at home improvement stores, often by people who are looking to deter mice or bats from entering the home. They work on the same principal.