Love Flowers and Want to Start Your Own Nursery? Tips to Help You Get Started

If you love flowers but your love goes way beyond that, opening a plant nursery is a great idea. Loving the product you sell makes things much easier for you. Below are some tips on how you can get started doing this.

Purchasing the Land

If you do not already have the land, this is the first thing you have to do. Your business will likely grow over time, so you should consider purchasing a few more acres than you think you need. This will allow you to have more space if you need to expand.

You do not want the land to have a big slope, as this would cause water to go straight to your business. Instead, find land that is relatively flat. This will also make things much easier when it comes time to install the parking lot. If you find land that you love and it does have a slope, you can hire a contractor to level it out for you.

Testing the Soil

The soil on the land is something else to take into consideration. Even though most of your plants will likely be in containers, you may want to plant some in the soil around your property. Customers seeing that you can grow healthy flowers can be a benefit for you.

Take a few samples of soil in different areas and take them to your local extension office. They can tell you if you need to add anything to the soil to make it healthy.

Purchasing the Plants

You should purchase a wide variety of plants to offer your customers, such as ground covers, ornamental grasses, and trees and bushes. Visit other nurseries in your area to see the types of flowers that sell, as you want to sell plants that are in demand.

You know how expensive flowers can be, but you can save a lot of money by purchasing them wholesale. There are many wholesale companies that can sell you flowers, flower seeds, and anything else you may need at deep discounts.  

Arranging the Plants

Once you get your plants, you should arrange them in a way to make it easy for your customers to find what they need. You can do this by putting all annuals together and all perennials together. Have flowers that love the shade in one area, and put flowers that love the sun in another. Put the plants in alphabetical order and make sure each one has a plant tag so your customers can have more information about them.

For small plants, you can use the small plastic containers they likely come in. For large plants, purchase decorative containers to place them in. Put hanging baskets of trailing flowers in them around your property for people to purchase, such as petunias, vinca, and lobelia.

These are just three of the many things you will need to do to start a plant nursery