Want To Have An Edible Garden? Let A Landscaper Help You Achieve This Goal

Owning a home is great because it gives you a yard to transform into almost anything you desire. Some homeowners may be more than happy with an attractive landscape, but you may want to have something more useful and tangible, such as fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you can use in the kitchen. However, creating an edible garden is extra demanding because some insects and animals love to eat everything.

Although you can do it all on your own, you will have better results with help from a landscaper.

Border the Landscape with Deterring Plants

The main entrance point for insects that will eat your edible garden is from off your property. As a result, you should do everything you can to create a barrier that prevents pests from entering your garden. Growing plants such as basil, garlic, chives, and catnip around the borders of your landscape will help you accomplish this goal while still providing you with food to use in your kitchen or give to your cats.

Install an Irrigation System

If you want to make sure your plants get all of the water they need to enjoy successful growth and excellent harvests, you should install an irrigation system. It takes care of the watering for you, which eliminates human error from preventing your edible garden from reaching its full potential.

Invite Bugs That Eliminate Pests

In addition to keeping pests out by cleverly planting deterrent plants around your landscape, you should also invite bugs that love to eat such insects by growing certain herbs. Coriander, basil, dill, marjoram, and mint are some examples of what you can plant to attract beneficial bugs to your edible garden.

Add Fencing for Rabbits

Although some plants are good at deterring rabbits, they are not going to be entirely effective. It is better to rely on fencing to prevent this potentially devastating critter from accessing your garden. A landscape designer can help surround either the garden itself or the entire yard with wire mesh fencing, helping to provide some protection against rabbits or other critters.

When you discuss the plans for the fencing with the landscaper, it's important that you make sure the fence material goes into the ground as rabbits are able to dig. Fortunately, rabbits are not great at jumping high, so that is not something that you have to worry about when getting a fence installed.

An edible garden is a great way to turn the landscape on your property into a multi-purpose space. Getting assistance from a landscaper will allow you to implement all of these ideas with professional execution.

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