How To Get The Most From Your Home's Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can do a lot to complete your home's exterior and landscape design. Making the right choices about the outdoor lights for your home is important for getting the most benefit from them. Taking the time to follow these tips can help you get the most from the outdoor lighting you choose for your home.

Matching Style And Architectural Design Matters

Stop to consider the architectural style of your home before buying outdoor lighting. The lighting fixtures you install will look their best when they match your home's architectural style. For example, if your home is a two-story colonial style, consider installing traditional lighting fixtures like aged bronze or wrought-iron hanging lanterns. Black or white ceramic lighting fixtures can compliment contemporary style homes. Mixing styles can create an uneven look that takes away from your home's particular architectural design.

Color Can Make A Difference

If your house has shutters, choosing lighting fixtures that best match their color can do a lot for tying together an exterior color scheme. Mismatched colors, especially when it comes to each individual light fixture, can disrupt your design scheme, causing it to appear erratic and chaotic. For this reason, be sure to always select the same color for every visible outdoor lighting fixture. For example, if you go with an aged bronze lighting fixture for your front door, choosing aged bronze hanging lights for the porch and light post is best for maintaining a smooth color flow.

Bulb Choices For Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Using the right type of bulb for your outdoor lighting fixtures can make a huge difference in the output you get and how the lighting affects your landscape at night. For example, if you use a bright LED light bulb, be sure to only use it in outdoor wall lighting fixtures that have clear glass for getting the most light. However, if you choose to use CFL bulbs, using lighting fixtures with frosted glass is best for providing a soothing, diffused light. LED bulbs are the best choice for security lights because they provide bright light.

Outdoor Lighting Can Help Showcase The Best Parts Of Your Landscape

If you have unique parts of your landscape you would like to highlight during night time hours, a floodlight can do the trick. Floodlights are designed to light a large area, many times being used as security lighting because of the area they can light. Floodlights can be installed on your home without interrupting your lighting styles and design.  

A well-lit house can look great and deter thieves. Taking the time to learn more about outdoor lighting can help you find the best styles for your home.