5 Tips For Mowing The Lawn The First Time After Winter

After a long winter where snow has covered most of the lawn, you'll need to focus on getting your lawn back in shape. While your yard can certainly live through a harsh winter, there are a number of things you'll need to do in order for it to look its best come spring. As soon as the grass starts peeking out and before you pull out the lawnmower to start mowing, consider the following five tips.

Make Sure the Lawn Mower is in Good Shape

The first thing you'll need to do when removing your lawnmower from storage is give it a thorough inspection. Even the highest-quality lawnmowers need regular maintenance, including removing the blades for oiling or checking for any signs of damage. With the lawnmower in good shape, you'll be able to mow your lawn evenly and without unexpected issues part way through mowing.

Check for Any Hidden Landscaping Debris

Another thing to consider when caring for your lawn is whether there are any debris left on the grass from other landscaping. Branches, leaves, and other debris can end up on the lawn due to heavy winds and be a hazard when mowing.

Remove Any Other Objects

Along with debris being left on your grass from landscaping, you'll need to make sure that any other objects are taken care of. This includes shovels, sprinkler heads that may have become loose, and other items that could have fallen on the lawn during winter.

Dress Appropriately

With the weather warming up during spring, you may be tempted to mow the lawn wearing shorts and open toed shoes. While you'll certainly be able to stay cooler wearing this kind of attire, it is dangerous to mow the lawn without some safety precautions for your clothing.

Long pants and closed-toe shoes are ideal for mowing the lawn, not only due to being close to dangerous equipment, but also due to the amount of bugs and loose grass that may get on you.

Follow Up with Fertilizer for the Lawn

After you finish mowing the lawn for the first time, you'll need to take care of fertilization so that the turf looks vibrant and healthy. Checking the pH level and choosing enough fertilizer for the size of your lawn will help ensure that your landscaping is taken care of and that the grass stays vibrant in the coming spring and summer.

Taking care of your lawn requires some work in addition to trimming down plants and lawn weed control. To keep the lawn looking its best, you'll need to take special care when mowing the lawn for the first time as winter ends.