How To Fix Oddly-Placed Windows Without The Cost Of Replacing Them

If you've got windows that you're not happy with, you might be thinking about having them replaced. But getting new windows is an expensive proposition, especially if you want to change the placement of the window itself. And it might not even be necessary; many of the most common problems people have with window placement can be fixed with the right curtains.

High Window Placement

If you feel like your windows are too high for the room that they're in, the solution is two-part. First, you'll want curtains that are longer than the window so that they hang down below the bottom of the window. This re-frames the area; however, you've likely gone from a too-high window to a window that looks properly placed but very long.

The second part of the solution is to make sure you have a wide curtain rod that extends on either side of the window. This way, you can keep the window in proportion as you lengthen it by using a wider curtain. Of course, you can skip this step if you like the look of tall windows or if the original window was already wide.

Low Window Placement

Windows that are too low have a similar solution: mount the curtain rod for the window higher (and, if necessary, make it wider). This can work to add a little bit of height to the top of a window. However, there's a limit to how high you can mount the curtain rod before it begins to look strange, especially if you're using sheer curtains and can see the actual top of the window frame through them.

In this case, consider topping the window with a valance or cornice. A box valance is a simple way to add height to a window, and like the curtain rod, you can widen it to keep the entire window treatment in the proportions you want. It's also an opportunity to add some visual interest to the top of the window by using an arch or scalloped valance or even simply by choosing an interesting fabric. By drawing the eye towards the top of the window, this can distract from how low the bottom of the window is.

Irregular Pairs

Sometimes, you'll have a pair (or larger set) of windows within a room that, for whatever reason, don't match. If this lack of symmetry is bothering you, then you can cover that up with floor-to-ceiling curtains. Use high curtain rods, let the curtains fall all the way to the floor, and use a relatively opaque fabric; now you've hidden your asymmetrical windows behind symmetrical window treatments.

In addition to opaque fabric, consider choosing a fabric with interesting texture or design; a patterned fabric will add to the sense that the treatments are the star of the design and not the windows behind them. For more information, contact D. Schultz Interiors or a similar company.